The First Fabio Cominotti

Fabio Cominotti

Fabio Cominotti

On Friday July 3rd, 1998, Fabio Cominotti stepped outside around 10:00 am to putter at his normal routine on his twenty acre plot outside of Blackfoot, Idaho.  He used to have much larger acreage, but for the last six years, this was all that he had.  Twenty pitiful acres that he only irrigated to avoid fire and to provide some sustenance for the ten or so dairy cows that he boarded during the summer.  He walked to the old chicken coop that he now used as a dog kennel and fed his three remaining dogs that had moved from Clayton with him.  After that he grabbed his shovel and threw it in the back of his green horse (a seven wheeled John Deere utility vehicle with a dumping bed and a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour) he drove out to the ditch.  By noon he died.  Even though there was no autopsy,  upon embalming, the technician discovered that Fabio died due to a blockage of his aorta by a massive blood clot.  The coroner concluded that he did not suffer and that his heart attack caused him to collapse into the ditch and drown.  Later, his grandsons found him like that after he was late for lunch.  This was how death caught Fabio Cominotti.

Six years earlier, Fabio sold his two-hundred acre ranch near Clayton, Idaho. […Read More…]

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