The Huckleberries


One of Our Secret Huckleberry Stands, Fabio Comintti

We took a trip up to see our favorite huckleberry stands today.  It’s been over 4 years and it took some doing to get up there and actually remember where they were.  The berries weren’t all the way ripe yet so we only got to taste a few.

These plants are really amazing.  First of all huckleberries smells delightful and when they are ripe, there’s nothing like them.  Like their cousin, the blueberry, they have proven difficult to domesticate.  In fact, there has not been a successful domestication of these plants yet.  They grow in odd areas.  Clear cuts or burn areas that have had 10-20 years to regrow are the best.  The plants mostly exist underground and only the tops are visible and berry producing.  It takes a decade for a plant to even start producing berries.  They truly are one on nature’s mysteries.

In search of new huckleberry stands we drove up above the Laird Park campground. We didn’t find any berries but I did get a chance to take my first photosphere. Check it out. It’s pretty cool  It’s my first one so it may not be the best quality, but it’s still cool.

I look forward to returning this summer and getting some for jam and pie and other wonderful creations.



Up Above Laird Park