Join the Cominotti Network


The Cominotti Ranch House, Clayton Idaho (Date Unknown)

I envision The Cominotti Network as a place where Cominottis can congregate and mingle.  It’s a place to showcase our talents, get to know each other, and form a community.

When I do a Google search for Cominotti, not many different Cominottis come up in the United States.  This is a place to gather.  I want to know you.  I want you to know me.  We are most likely connected at some point in the past.  I feel the need to start this group.  If you’d like to be part of it, please fill out the form below or you can email me.

Please tell me who you are, what part of the world you are from (you don’t have to be specific, but, “I’m in Ohio” or “I’m in Italy” would work.  Tell me your story.  Like I said, I want to know you.  You can see my story here.  Basically who are you.  What matters to you and what is your purpose for wanting to join the Cominotti Network.  Lastly, tell me how you are a Cominotti.  You might be one by blood, marriage, friendship, previous marriage.  What is your connection?  You don’t have to have the name, just a connection.  If your account is approved (this is to stop spammers).  You’ll get your own page and account here.  You can write and contribute what you want (subject to moderation to avoid copyright infringement and to keep it family friendly).

I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story.  Please fill out the form or email me so we can connect and get to know each other.