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I teach English for Idaho Digital Learning. I have BS. Ed. in Secondary English Education and Working toward a Master of Educational Technology degree. My plans after, graduation include earning an M.A. in English and teaching at both the high school and collegiate level. My passions are teaching, technology, and writing and I strive to combine those. I believe that technology affords us new and amazing opportunities for our education and every day life. As a teacher, I strive to find new ways enhance my education and that of my children and students.


Plastic: The Silent Threat

(Originally written, 12/11/2008) At three months pregnant with my daughter, my wife, Sarah, put all of our plastic kitchenware and dishes in a large-sized U-Haul box and set them in front of the door for me to take to Goodwill when I got home. Plastic cups, cereal bowls, mixing bowls, plates, and cutlery filled the box […]

The First Fabio Cominotti

On Friday July 3rd, 1998, Fabio Cominotti stepped outside around 10:00 am to putter at his normal routine on his twenty acre plot outside of Blackfoot, Idaho.  He used to have much larger acreage, but for the last six years, this was all that he had.  Twenty pitiful acres that he only irrigated to avoid […]

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Site Launch Day 1

Site launch alert.  The site is up and running.  It’s still pretty sparse but that will change soon.  Now I just have to find more Cominottis around the world.

Strategies for Managing Your Digital Footprint

With all of the news about Europe nations pushing to enact and enforce right to be forgotten laws, I started thinking, again, about my digital footprint.  I don’t think that many of us even think about our digital footprints. Do we even know what it is? Basically it’s everything about you online. It’s your social […]

Why I Became A Teacher

I have no cohesive memories before eighth grade—only bits and pieces of memory. They come as fragments—fragments of fights, fragments of school lunch, and fragments of classroom horse-play.  During eighth grade and high school, I remember much, but just not about the classroom.  I enjoyed math and did well.  During my high school career, I […]

The Huckleberries

We took a trip up to see our favorite huckleberry stands today.  It’s been over 4 years and it took some doing to get up there and actually remember where they were.  The berries weren’t all the way ripe yet so we only got to taste a few. These plants are really amazing.  First of […]

The Gingerbread House

Today, my daughter invited me to her school to help her create a gingerbread house with her class.  She has been practicing her songs and talking about if for several weeks now.  She even gave me large guilt trip since I missed her last little activity at Thanksgiving.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t have missed […]

The Christmas Tree

Unsurprisingly, I have very few Christmas tree ornaments this year.  It’s still more than I’ve ever had before.  The whole trove consists of two boxes of shiny Christmas balls and not enough hooks. There is never enough hooks.  Surprisingly, I do have a tree.  Since my divorce, I haven’t really put up a tree.  Last […]