Strategies for Managing Your Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

“Lost Keys” by Orin Zebest

With all of the news about Europe nations pushing to enact and enforce right to be forgotten laws, I started thinking, again, about my digital footprint.  I don’t think that many of us even think about our digital footprints. Do we even know what it is? Basically it’s everything about you online. It’s your social media accounts–many if which you probably don’t use and can’t remember how to login. It’s all of your email accounts. It’s your Facebook posts and your tweets. It’s the picture that your ex posted on Google+ when you were hungover. It’s genealogical information that your stepmother entered into the LDS database without your knowledge or permission. I think I’m getting the point across. It’s every piece of information about you that exists digitally. Much of it is under your control. A lot isn’t.[…Read More…]

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