Why I Became A Teacher


Third Floor Classroom, Wikimedia Commons

I have no cohesive memories before eighth grade—only bits and pieces of memory.

They come as fragments—fragments of fights, fragments of school lunch, and fragments of classroom horse-play.  During eighth grade and high school, I remember much, but just not about the classroom.  I enjoyed math and did well.  During my high school career, I had only two math teachers and one of them for only one year. I learned from him and never had trouble understanding.  It puzzled me when my classmates did not understand derivatives and integrals.  I always thought that if they had so much trouble with calculus, then why take the class—by that time it was not required for graduation.  I did okay in science, but did not like it.  My teachers were stuffy and bored, nearing retirement or bitter or a bit crazed.  Chemistry was fun, but only because it came easily to me.  History interested me, but not the way my history teachers taught it.  Government was a joke with a teacher there only to keep us busy and collect his paycheck as he lorded his power over the seniors as since the only teacher who taught a class required for graduation.  Okay, maybe I exaggerate, a little, but that realization comes from years of hindsight.  At the time, I felt that way and resented him for it.  I still don’t remember much from Government other than boredom and how angry he could get.  Boredom seems to be the theme—that and dread.[…Read More…]

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About Fabio Cominotti

I teach English for IDLA and adult learners for Convergys. I have BS. Ed. in Secondary English Education and Working toward a Master of Educational Technology degree. My plans after, graduation include earning an M.A. in English and teaching at both the high school and collegiate level. My passions are teaching, technology, and writing and I strive to combine those. I believe that technology affords us new and amazing opportunities for our education and every day life. As a teacher, I strive to find new ways enhance my education and that of my children and students.