Digital Story: The Doggy and The Dragon

I made this digital story for my daughter. I stayed up all night producing it and sent it to her mom via Facebook. My daughter woke up smiling when her mom was playing it the next morning. It may not be the best video but it sure made my little girl smile.

About Fabio Cominotti

I teach English for IDLA and adult learners for Convergys. I have BS. Ed. in Secondary English Education and Working toward a Master of Educational Technology degree. My plans after, graduation include earning an M.A. in English and teaching at both the high school and collegiate level. My passions are teaching, technology, and writing and I strive to combine those. I believe that technology affords us new and amazing opportunities for our education and every day life. As a teacher, I strive to find new ways enhance my education and that of my children and students.

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